Actor. Martial Artist.

The Original Warrior

Natural born fighter

Actor and martial artist. A born fighter, Lee started Shotokan Karate at age eight training under his father Owen. By his teen years he was cross training in boxing, Judo, Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu. In 1998 Lee competed in arranged bare knuckle and NHB (no rules) fights. In 2001, Lee travelled to the US to try-out for Frank Shamrock's elite level fight team ‘Team Shamrock’. Frank and his brother Ken were both world champions and two of the biggest names in fighting and MMA at the time. They developed the Lions Den try-outs to find a stable of the best fighters in the world that had heart, talent and who were willing to give it everything. Lee earned his place on the world famous team becoming the first non-American to ever do so and became one of the UK's first MMA fighters. Lee also trained under the Cuban Olympic boxing coaches and also under Duane Ludwig. After retiring from fighting, Lee was offered his first acting role in Universal Pictures action film, 'Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy'. This was further encouraged when actor Tom Hardy, who had used Lee as inspiration for his character in the MMA film ‘Warrior’, represented Lee in the LA Times and Toronto film festival. Tom later invited Lee to meet at his offices in London to work on one of his own productions. Fast forward to the present day, Lee has now acted in a number of British and American feature films and video games working alongside greats including the late Sir John Hurt. Lee gained the respect of best selling author Steve Allen, who wrote Lee as a character in his 2018 sci-fi novel ‘MEG: Generations’. Lee is also one of the characters in the 2019 interactive Sony video game, ‘Erica’. Lee, who co-hosted the 2018 Critics Circle Film Awards is now recognised as a rising talent with a number of upcoming projects.

"Lee loves with a heart of gold and lives by and iron fist. His commitment to family and passion to perform inspires everyone around. Lee is a true warrior that always steals the show"
Frank Shamrock
Former No. 1 ranked UFC fighter

Show Reel

"Lee is a committed life long martial artist that always steps up to help out those around him. He is a treasure of a human being"
Duane Ludwig
MMA coach and former fighter, BANG Muay Thai