North actor fights back to health and is all set for big hits on the big screen

Former fighter turned actor Lee Shone overcomes sepsis to get blossoming career back on track

A former fighter making a new career for himself as an actor has battled his way back to health after being struck down with sepsis.

Lee Shone, from South Shields , went to hospital with back pain which went undiagnosed for some time before medics pin-pointed the life-threatening condition.

As a former no-holds-barred fighter in his youth, the dad-of-four had been used to suffering pain but says of the experience which worried his family: “It was an absolute nightmare.

“I’ve never felt pain like it.”

Now, having been out of action during his treatment which has just come to an end, Lee is re-focusing on his rising career which has taken him from Tyneside to the world of Hollywood.

Having set out just a few years ago to make his mark in acting, Lee now has supporting roles in five feature films – including Death Race 4 – under his belt and has just signed up to a new London agent, Dover Street Talent, which is set to open further doors.

As an ex-fighter and also a former lightweight mixed martial arts champion , Lee – whose day job is as an emergency response abseiler on oil rigs – has plenty strings to his bow which he can draw upon in action roles.

And his talents soon came to the notice of the film industry, including Oscar-nominated star Tom Hardy who, clearly impressed with Lee’s fighting history, was photographed at a press conference for his film Legend wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with his name.

And in Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy – for Hollywood’s Universal Pictures – the 42-year-old had a cameo role as himself, while a character based on him also appears in the latest of the Meg series of prehistoric shark books written by Steve Alten.

With the new film adaptation The Meg proving a hit in cinemas, Lee is hoping to have the chance to appear in an upcoming instalment – Meg Generations – in the franchise.

But his interest is in developing a range of of different kinds of characters and he was delighted when, following a hard man role as Trevor Lemon in My Name is Lenny – a film based on the true story of bare-knuckle fighter Lenny McLean and starring Josh Helman alongside Nick Moran and the late John Hurt – he got to play a yuppie in this year’s thriller Accident Man.

Other recent roles have included a customs manager in crime film The Corrupted and a bar owner in political thriller Perfidious as well as a big Sony video game.

His daughter Olivia – at 13, an aspiring actor herself – has also secured a role in Perfidious. The film, starring Rutger Hauer – as well as Columbian actress Carolina Gaitan – is in pre-production and Lee is looking forward to meeting the Blade Runner actor and star of chiller The Hitcher.

Lee soon will be working on a new project with his new manager Dover Street Talent, which has also managed the likes of Sam Smith and worked with Jessie J and is to help him further build his profile.

“They’re managing me and have a big project starting in the upcoming weeks so it’s very exciting,” said Lee.

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